The Conservative Party Principles

The Conservative Party Principles

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Top Government Lies about Health Insurance!

When I started gathering information for this months entry I was amazed at the number and depth of the lies Shifty, Dingy Harry, Slick Chris and the Princess have been telling. It is hard to pick a favorite to start this off but this is the one they think is working the most.

Lie 1. The loss of coverage by these no-name cancer victims.

Fact: The only way your health insurance will drop your coverage is if you lied on the application, stopped paying your premium or failed to pay or make arrangements to pay your shared costs of coverage. A health insurance policy is a contract like any other that is bound by its covenant and must be honored as such. The NAIC whose link is above literally reviews these before any company can sell any policy in any state. All states have insurance regulators or financial services commissions that regularly monitor insurance company claims and websites for consumer advocacy.
The only way that these people could have been affected by cancer or a similar catastrophic event is if they opted for coverage with limited or specific condition coverage. Several companies have limits for treatment in these types of policies for conditions such as cancer. It is identified in the coverage outline provided by every health insurance company that I represent. (8)

Lie 2. That you cannot get insurance if you have a pre-existing condition.

Fact: I have about 20+ clients that will tell you this is pure BS. Aetna, Cigna, Humana, Assurant and United Health will all cover pre-existing conditions that are not totally debilitating or long term catastrophic. In other words if you are type 2 diabetic or have vascular disease or 3 heart attacks or are 5'5" and weigh 300lbs. you will not be able to get the kind of plan that pays for everything but you can get a limited benefits plan. You can also offset that with a Hospital Indemnity and accident coverage to help cover costs. If you have completely neglected or destroyed your body why should you be rewarded? Now I know that Diabetes and some other medical conditions are genetic and that is where there is a need for reform or policy pooling allowing companies to access funds to offset the costs of certain types of care for these individuals who are not responsible for their health condition. Some of the most unfortunate though have coverage through Medicare / Medicaid available to them. (if they qualify for SS benefits early or are disabled for 2 years you qualify for benefits)

Lie 3. That the premiums go up 30% to 40% every year.

Fact: Only if you are in group insurance and only if the majority are aged or infirmed. If your co-workers are all old fat beer drinking 2 pack a day smokers you are screwed. Group health insurance is underwritten to the oldest and sickest demographic in your company census.
This means that the fat bastard sitting around polishing off his morning 12 pack of Duncan Donuts, goes to the fast food joints everyday for lunch and never takes that butt out his mouth, is costing you money! This is why so many young people just starting out in their employment lives do not opt for coverage, they resent the older worker who they feel that that person or persons are not entitled to their money (like they are) to share the costs.
The average year over year rate increase for private coverage is 6% with some being as low as 4% and high 8%. (see AHIP website link above for verification of FACTS)
For any insurance company to increase its rates they first must present those rates increases for review and approval to their respected state oversight panels. They cannot just arbitrarily increase rates anytime it can only be done during the policies anniversary date and you as the consumer have the right to go elsewhere for coverage if you feel they are too much.
This is the underlying fundamental that Shifty and the Gang are out to destroy your choice, otherwise known as Freedom!
That is why no matter what they say any piece of garbage bill they pass has one goal in mind.

Lie 4. This is not about control but choice, providing coverage and cost containment.

Fact: Unlike our representatives in Washington I have on my computer all 4 copies of this legislation and have read them as well as the CBO and HHS analysis. ( would you, like a copy?)
For 13 months I have been reading and reporting the truth about these bills:
Here are some of the links to some of the nationally quoted articles in the past or go to my archives for additional material:
In all of these and additional blogs and publications Americans are and have become informed at what is really at the heart of this legislation:
You control people best when their lives are in the balance!

Do you really think that these people give a damn about your access to health care when Princess Pelosi spends more money on Botox than you earn in a year?
They already have the best and they are not going to share it with you!

Their goal in this bill is to eliminate all options otherwise it would be like every other country with Socialized Health Care, the haves will go to the country with the best care and the rest of us will suffer with substandard. Why else do you have Canadian government officials getting operated on in OUR Country?
They say that their are no death panels in any of the bills and they are right but why is there 104 oversight committees in the house final bill and 87 in the senate version including the fact that these committees would be appointed by Shifty and the Gang and not be subject to review or oversight by Congress! If there is nothing to hide and all these bills are really trying accomplish is transparency then I am going F%&$ing blind!

Folks I am not bragging, I am NO FOOL and I will put my Mensa rated above genius IQ out there with anybody in the field of empirical data acquisition and dissertation of said material.
I have approached these bills the same way. I am not a Lawyer nor profess to be one but I can read and I have not found in any bill where it is going to cut costs now, next year or 20 years from now without cutting benefits, PERIOD!
It is simple matter of economics, you cannot spend what you don't have, so you have to cut back spending some where else!
This is just common sense folks you cannot spend what you don't have without going deeper into debt. And there is no way that implementing any of the cost-savings in these bills, will have any effect without them cutting benefits to the highest users and least productive, SENIORS!
Without cutting benefits or cutting costs such as the fee schedule that doctors are currently reimbursed by now ( and that is about 80% of what Dr.s charge privately) there can be no long term gains that they say will magically appear, without drastically reducing benefits to those that use them the most!

Lie 5. That without Health Insurance reform our entire economy will collapse.

Fact: Call it what you will, I'll call it straight it is INSURANCE REFORM NOT HEALTH CARE REFORM!
They used the banks as an excuse to create the largest debt this country has ever seen and said that if they allowed them to fail it would collapse our economy. They are now saying the same thing about health care costs and the Insurance Companies obscene profit taking.
Well NO business stays in business without making a profit and if you stop it from profiting then it will go out of business.(and some profit margins
This is exactly what Shifty and the Gangs intention has been all along, to take over the health insurance industry and become the controller of your health. And not for any humanitarian reasons or self-proclaimed altruism. It is to control who gets it and who doesn't and in effect control the populations decision making process especially in electoral matters. If you are not going to support them then they can effectively limit your life expectancy by limiting your access to health care!
The health care industry is currently 17.6% of GDP and growing due to the aging in of boomers.
The real number is the one down the road a few years when 54.6 million people will be age 65 or over and looking for the Medicare coverage that they paid for and was stolen for social programs.
They stole our money to buy the votes of the under classes to ensure their Progressive Socialist Agenda would have enough support from this section of the voting populace. So when myself and the rest of the boomers come to enroll into coverage there has to be a way to pay for it.
And what better way than to have every single person paying the government for health care.
So how do you get people to stop what they have been doing for hundreds of years and go the route you need?
PANIC and Lionization make you hate them more than the other guy, blame them for your troubles. If you are constantly told that they are the enemy, you will come to believe them, especially if you are not good at independent thought, which our federal school system has destroyed.

"Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition."
Thomas Jefferson

I heard recently on talk radio the correlation of Hitlers treatment of the Jews in 1930's Europe and Shifty's treatment of anyone or anything that disagrees with him, make them the enemy by lying, have your propaganda machine perpetuate the lie. He now has his sights fixed clearly on his next target but that target is not health insurance, its you!

In Freedom,
Dr. Keith C. Westbrook PhD.

PS. had 20 lies ran out of room after first five may continue as a series in the future.
God Bless America!

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