The Conservative Party Principles

The Conservative Party Principles

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ho Ho Ho!

It's the most wonderful time of the year as the song says yet my Scrooge is also raising his Ire at the current mindset of this holiday season and its economic under pinnings. The stock market volatility, the constant attack on household income spread, the shrinking dollar!
With gas @ $3.00 plus a gallon and oil nearing $100 a barrel, we seem to be willing to accept our plight, just as we have turned a blind eye to our constitutional rights that have been stripped from us as well! ( "they're just looking out for us they want us to be safe"). They said the same thing in 1932 in Germany when the Nazi's took power.
We are being told that it is out of our control and we believe it. They take just a little every day and we say well that's so small what difference will it make?
There is an old math equation to demonstrate the power of saving money when teaching a child that, if you saved a penny today what that penny would become in a lifetime, it all adds up!

The word FORE in golf is a warning! Not to stick your head in the sand but know trouble is coming and PREPARE YOURSELF for it!
Well it is here and it is time for action or acceptance the choice is ours to make.
The current answer I get when I rage against today's myopia is that one person cannot make a difference, it's too much.
Well we now celebrate the birth of ONE MAN who made ALL the difference in the world for over 2000 YEARS!
That is really what this is all about, no choice is easy or quick or simple, if it is to affect change. It's not supposed to be, but when change occurs miracles do happen and life can improve for all to enjoy and partake of their benefit.( a couple jugs of wine here or a few fish and loaves of bread there and you never know do you?)
I prefer to just jump in and try, so keep an eye out for this Scrooge volunteering for several worthy causes again this year or better yet come out and join in, after all we are celebrating the greatest volunteer's birthday are we not?

Friday, October 5, 2007

Cut From The Show!

Well in case you all missed it the old inventor here got cut from the Fore Inventor's only show before field testing after Billy Harmon felt threatened by the technology in my putter.
He said "the technology would have a negative effect on the skill requirements for the good of the game" or in other words he would be giving less putting lessons. The part that griped me was Fulton Allem saying even though it was very soft he sided with Billy ,while Christine argued for field testing of the club. That proved what many of us contestants felt, that they were more interested in gimmicks than real game improvement clubs. If you noticed no club made it to field testing, I wonder if it might be because Golfsmith owns Cobra and is the largest maker and retailer of components in the U.S.?
The winning invention was a giant plastic spring clip meant to hold up your extra clubs to keep your grips dry, did anyone notice it is a jumper cable end made from plastic?

Since I am staying with my day job ( Which I never would leave anyway ) I am asking ALL you golfers that know me, own clubs I have made over the years for you or are in the market for financial help to contact me at 352-327-1151 I will work as hard to fix your financial future plans as I did to fix your swing.

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