The Conservative Party Principles

The Conservative Party Principles

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Slippery Slope!

Well lets see now in just 2 weeks the federal bureaucracy in all of its divine wisdom has started to create the tax base from hell with absolutely 0% chance of not hurting every living breathing American. They are now working on ways to control the Insurance and Financial industries not just through legislation but also taxation. They are also now creating taxes on everything that is not considered a consumer staple. I have stated this in this blog for many months now that YOU and I pay the taxes that they raise on every business that we purchase a product or service from, its called higher prices, just look at who pays the tobacco tax now! I am now going to give you their game plan for what they will tax or attack in the next 6 months and how it will effect all of us.

1. Gas will reach at least $3.50 a gallon otherwise their ownership of the auto industry and desire to build small cheap cars won't have any buyers. Also the speed in which the development of alternative energy has been progressing will lose its immediacy.

2. The incentives and tax breaks given to any business or employee for health care coverage will be removed and all benefits will be taxed as part of your compensation at your current tax rate. If they don't the number of uninsured is still too small to create their Utopian government health plan. Its all in or the model of coverage combining private and public health will clash and only the worst of health care will align itself with Obama care. He has to force all of the doctors and hospitals to play by his rules.

3. Their will be a flight of Corporations to set up home offices outside our borders to eliminate the Obama stated tax havens they are now trying to create legislation on, to assess taxes creating double jeopardy for those entities. The loss of manufacturing in this country can be directly traced to the labor costs created by the unions and the corporate tax structure on both the federal and states levels. If 42 cents of every dollar pays taxes and 50 cents pays labor what incentive is there to continue running a business when after all other operating costs you DO NOT MAKE A PROFIT!

4.The cap and trade on greenhouse gasses will start to drive up the cost of electricity for everyone this summer and not only will your power bill go up, but so will the store where you shop for food, the church where you worship, the school where you children get brainwashed are you starting to see a pattern here yet?

5.The unemployment rate in this country will reach 11% by years end and even though the majority of my brethren say that jobless claims are a lagging market indicator they are WRONG! We are no longer a manufacturing driven economy but a services driven economy and if there is no income there is no outgo! If ONE out of TEN people are not purchasing and the EIGHT out of the other NINE are just hanging on how can you expect ONE to drive the economy forward?

Do the math and stop sugar coating the reality of this situation to try to encourage the investor group back into this market, they see through you as I do and realize that the government is behind the current market rallies and are unsustainable until the government is taken out of the equation.

6. The administration will continue to bullshit all of the people all of the time because this president is the greatest diversionary tactician in history. They will continue to create media stories to keep the pablum fed double digits entertained and distracted while they pull off the greatest theft in history, OUR FREEDOM!

This guy makes Houdini look like a rank amateur when it comes to making people think he's magic and he's got the largest assistant corps ever, THE MEDIA!

We are on a path that if not righted soon we will not be able to stop until we hit the bottom and gravity finishes us off. That is not where I want to hand off my legacy to my children and grandchildren, the bottom of the cycle. Especially since like you I have busted my ass for too many years climbing hill after hill to try to improve the lives of all I have sworn service to.

When I started this blog several years ago it was just a way of providing fun information for friends and fellow golfers but the title has become prophetic, " FORE" on the golf course means danger is coming and if you don't pay attention your forehead could have dimples you weren't born with and read Titleist!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

This is getting UGLY!

The new administration being so incredibly competent after only 100 days feels the time is right to begin its nationalization program. They have quietly seized control of the banking industry today through their "stress tests" of asset evaluation of the banks that they want and are requiring more capitalization. They are stating that 10 of the 19 banks tested are not in trouble but could be if their underlying assets weaken and the market cannot provide for their recapitalization through private investments. WHO ARE THEY KIDDING?

Why would ANYONE now feel safe about becoming a lender of choice through bonds or equities when this administration has blatantly demonstrated that it does not recognize the validity of those investments or honors their contractual obligations to the owner. Who in their right minds is going to risk their MONEY in any type of investment where they will be at the whim of people who have NO HONOR OR INTEGRITY WHEN IT COMES TO OBSERVING THE LAWS THAT GOVERN THESE INVESTMENTS, IF THEY DO NOT SERVE THEIR PURPOSE OR GET IN THEIR WAY!

The obligations of Chrysler to the bond funds that are represented by investment companies on behalf of ME and YOU are not nameless, greedy, self serving strangers as portrayed by his media machine, they are US.

They are ignoring or subrogating the constitution to effectively take control of every one's life to the point that we cannot function without intervention on a governmental level.They are trying to give the shaft to the bond holders at Chrysler and portray them as greedy unyielding fat-cats, WRONG they are people who work with for and around you every day. And because funds like Oppenheimer are responsible to them for that money they are LEGALLY BOUND to fight for YOUR MONEY! IT IS CALLED FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITY and I and every other insurance agent, financial advisor, stock broker, fund manager etc. is LEGALLY BOUND to this, IT IS OUR JOB!

The Madoffs of the world have blackened both eyes of the investment community and trust is not a commodity afforded today, but when the Obama media machine spins their web of lies and deceit at the request of this administration, and the TRUTH is the VICTIM where is the incentive to take the risk, why would you give them your money if the government can take it away or say that you don't deserve to make a profit! The bankruptcy hearings for Chrysler have resulted in more lies and back door dealings than the process can keep up with. The union under Gettlefinger has for 10% of holdings been given 55% of ownership and his protestations that the union has no interest in ownership is true.


Of course they don't want it, they SUCKED every last drop of blood out of the carcass,. why keep it around now that its rotting away? I worked for Chrysler for many years and to see a company that was once built on engineering greatness become reduced to this rips my heart out! It was bad enough what Daimler-Benz did in the BS merger of the late 90's that received the blessings of the Clinton Administration. ( IT WAS NEVER A MERGER IT WAS A HOSTILE TAKEOVER THAT BYPASSED SEC RULINGS AT THE TIME ) The only people who profited then were the people who signed away Chrysler to Benz! And now they are finishing the job on what was a very great car company that led the way in innovation when it was still in the hands of real CAR PEOPLE not the bean counters!

Next will be your ability to get health care in this country, because a few idiots think socialized medicine actually works in practice as well as it does on paper, good luck getting it. You are about to find out why countries with this are the LARGEST GROUP of people using their own funds to receive their life saving procedures out of country.( medical junkets to India from Europe are up 400% )

This administration is using the same progressive game plan that was tried on at least 3 occasions in our own past unsuccessfully, but in their defense this did work once. Progressive ism did succeed in 1932 in Europe and restored a tiny little country to prosperity, it was called the NAZI party and it did turn Germany around from bankruptcy to damn near taking over the world. The problem is this ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY if you give anyone that much power over you it will lead to ruin for all. That is why our founding fathers in their un-questionable wisdom created our Constitution and Bill of Rights within it to protect us from just this scenario. If you think they got it wrong then GO LIVE somewhere where it does not exist and be happy! " Treason starts with a thought"as spoken by then President Thomas Jefferson over the treason trial of Aaron Burr. If you do not support and defend the Constitution as sworn to during your inauguration then are you not committing treason?

I am not accusing anyone in this administration of treason, yet, but their actions not their words require all of our vigilance in this time and they require our feedback when they do not represent the people of this great republic, for it is a Republic, One Nation under God, Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for ALL!

Keith C. Westbrook
aka Dr. Putts

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Blood of Our ForeFathers

Blood of Our ForeFathers