The Conservative Party Principles

The Conservative Party Principles

Friday, November 6, 2009

Why the AMA and AARP support Socialist health care in America!

For 9 months I have been exposing the governments subversion of your Constitutional right to determine your health care. The federal governments attacks have been clear and defined once you cut through the clutter and legaleeze. In previous blogs I have explained this thoroughly:

Well now here is the proof of the aforementioned allegations in their own bill!
1. On page 882 of Subtitle C :

There are 111-Additional offices, bureaus, commissions, programs, and bureaucracies the bill creates over and above the entitlement expansions-more than double the number in H.R. 3200.

The AMA will be directly involved with the appointments of their current board members to these oversight boards as well as the requiring all physicians accepting federal dollars to become AMA members if they are not already.

There are over 700,000 + doctors in America and 7904 are currently members of the AMA or approximately 10% of the doctors in America.

They will end with a minimum of a 500% increase in dues paying members jumping through their bureaucratic hoops to stay in practice if this bill gets passed in its current form.

SEIU will also gain a massive windfall by becoming the largest union in the world from the federally backed mandatory unionization of hospital workers to meet the defined requirements in this bill. Here is the copied and pasted proof right here:

10 GROUPS.—The process under paragraph (2)
11 shall ensure that the selection of representatives
12 of multi-stakeholder groups includes provision
13 for public nominations for, and the opportunity
14 for public comment on, such selection.
15 ‘‘(5) USE OF INPUT.—The respective proposed
16 rule shall contain a summary of the recommendations made by the multi-stakeholder groups under
18 paragraph (2), as well as other comments received
19 regarding the proposed measures, and the extent to
20 which such proposed rule follows such recommendations and the rationale for not following such recommendations.
23 ‘‘(6) MULTI-STAKEHOLDER GROUPS.—For purposes of this subsection, the term ‘multi-stakeholder
25 groups’ means, with respect to a quality measure, a
VerDate Nov 24 2008 12:56 Oct 30, 2009 Jkt 089200 PO 00000 Frm 00883 Fmt 6652 Sfmt 6201 E:\BILLS\H3962.IH H3962 rmajette on DSK29S0YB1PROD with BILLS
•HR 3962 IH
1 voluntary collaborative of organizations representing
2 persons interested in or affected by the use of such
3 quality measure, such as the following:
4 ‘‘(A) Hospitals and other institutional providers.
6 ‘‘(B) Physicians.
7 ‘‘(C) Health care quality alliances.
8 ‘‘(D) Nurses and other health care practitioners.
10 ‘‘(E) Health plans.
11 ‘‘(F) Patient advocates and consumer
12 groups.
13 ‘‘(G) Employers.
14 ‘‘(H) Public and private purchasers of
15 health care items and services.
16 ‘‘(I) Labor organizations.
17 ‘‘(J) Relevant departments or agencies of
18 the United States.
19 ‘‘(K) Biopharmaceutical companies and
20 manufacturers of medical devices.
21 ‘‘(L) Licensing, credentialing, and accrediting bodies.

As you can see right above this line who will now be running the health care in this country and what they have to gain by it is total control of your health.

2. Medicare is major medical insurance not traditional health care coverage and this bill will not cover all medical costs it will require co-insurance like Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage plans cover now. Who stands to gain from this windfall?

AARP Services, Inc., founded in 1999, is a wholly owned subsidiary of AARP. AARP Services manages the wide range of products and services that are offered as benefits to AARP’s 40 million members. The offers span health products, travel and leisure products, and life event services. Specific products include Medicare supplemental insurance; member discounts on rental cars, cruises, vacation packages and lodging; special offers on technology and gifts; pharmacy services; legal services; and long-term care insurance. AARP Services founded AARP Financial Incorporated, a subsidiary that manages AARP-endorsed financial products including AARP Funds. AARP Services develops new products, manages and markets products and services, creates and maintains partnership and sponsorship relationships, and develops and manages AARP’s Web site,

They will become the most powerful insurance company in America controlling hundreds of billions of dollars and will be directly involved in the government run health care.

AARP and SEIU have been planning this since they formed the Divide we Fail :

This is copied directly from Wikipedia:

In early 2007 AARP launched "Divided We Fail," designed to address health care and long-term financial security. The initiative was launched with Business Roundtable and the Service Employees International Union, and encompasses advertising in national outlets and in the primary states, online activities, and traditional grassroots work, in order to engage the public, business and elected officials in the debate, and to encourage public leaders to offer solutions, according to the AARP.[12] Nancy LeaMond, executive officer for social impact, said, "We want to really get to these candidates and ask for action, answers and accountability on these questions."[13]
In November 2007, the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) joined the Divided We Fail leadership.[14]
The initiative uses an "elephonkey" mixed animal as its symbol, with the head and forelegs of the Republican elephant and the ears, hindquarters, and tail of the kicking Democratic donkey. "Champ" quickly became a recognizable symbol of the Divided We Fail initiative, fostered in part by television commercials that ran across the country. In addition, Divided We Fail Florida incorporated the initiative's mascot into an interactive educational vehicle, dubbed the "Champmobile," which traveled across the state and throughout the United States encouraging voters to "Let your voice be heard!"

Approximately seven million people have AARP branded health insurance, including drug coverage and medigap, as of April 2007 [16] and AARP earns more income from selling insurance to members than it does from membership dues.[17] In 2008, AARP plans to begin offering several new health insurance products: An HMO for Medicare recipients, in partnership with UnitedHealth Group; and a PPO and "a high-deductible insurance policy that could be used with a health savings account" to people aged 50–64, in partnership with Aetna. AARP will likely become the largest source of health insurance for Medicare recipients, and AARP estimates the new products will increase its health insurance customers to 14 million by 2014.[16][18] AARP is not an insurer and does not pay insurance claims. Instead, AARP allows its name to be used by insurance companies in the sale of insurance products, for which it is paid a commission like an insurance agent.[19]
Senator Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa), senior Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, said in 2008 that the "limited benefit" insurance plans offered by AARP through UnitedHealth provided inadequate coverage and were marketed deceptively. One plan offered $5,000 for surgery that may cost two or three times that amount.[20]
AARP does a "thriving business" in marketing branded Medigap policies. As of October 2009, Medical care reform contained a proposal to trim an associated program Medicare Advantage, which was expected to increase demand for Medigap policies.[21]

And in 1999 when they became that subsidiary they also registered to the necessary bodies to become a financial institution with the power to market and sell their own insurance and financial products without using their current underwriters United Health and Aetna who have both been vilified in the media without a word of support from AARP. They will become their own insurance company the minute this plan passes I guaranty it. And all 3 of these parties have been the some of the most frequent visitors on the White House guest list since Obama became president, just look for Andy Stern the head of SEIU has been there so often he fills 2 pages by himself.

We are systematically being sold out by this regimes accomplices, the unions and their bed mates that now tell us that we are wrong about health care and the country will implode if they don't pass this bill. Well the only thing that will self destruct is their well laid plan to force socialized medicine down our throats. They have formed a triangle of deceit and power grabbing to steal away another right afforded us by our Constitution the freedom of choice!

And I would love to hear from the left try to spin this back on me because I BROKER BOTH AETNA and AARP !

Dr.Keith C. Westbrook Ph.D

AARP, Losing Members Over Health Care, Faces Challenge From Grassroots Senior Advocacy Group -

AARP, Losing Members Over Health Care, Faces Challenge From Grassroots Senior Advocacy Group -

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