The Conservative Party Principles

The Conservative Party Principles

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

To All Who Are Suffering Financially and Spiritually:

There is opportunity in this current spiral to financial hell being created by the powers that be, if you can get over your own fears and open your minds to the possibilities.
With the free fall of the equity market and the flight to cash creating non-existing interest rates for savings and Cd's where do you put your money?
Ask yourself the following questions and be HONEST with yourself, if you can't, stop reading now.
1. What is my true investment timeline for the majority of my retirement assets?
2. What is the real purpose for those assets are they for income or wealth transfer?
3. What is their taxable consequences when they are distributed?
4. Can you really replace all of your current market losses in half the time it took you to accumulate them the first time?
5. Do you really think that the Government is going to compensate you for those losses?
6. Can you really live on Social Security when it is a documented fact that as we age our health care costs go up every year even with Medicare coverage paying 80% of the bill?
7. Ever heard of inflation, do you think it is gone for good, do you really believe that it is not currently affecting our purchasing power?

There are many of my brethren in the financial services industry who are taught from their first day in the classroom about wealth accumulation. They profess the mantra of efficient frontier, long term goals, market timeline performance yields and how the market has always made money the longer you stayed in it. Buy and hold they continue to preach even though as of today more than 52% of your investments are gone!
They are not the real villains in this situation, WE ALL SHARE THE BLAME for this mess because we all wanted the return without the risk!
The only way a person can get taken advantage of is if they allow it to happen in the first place! Bernie Madoff , Alan Stanford and the rest of these dirt bags are proof that we all are GREEDY to the point of shame!
When you started your planning for wealth accumulation you profiled your risk by answering questions about your previous experiences in investing and your feelings about them. Were you truly honest with yourself and did you really consider the risk or did you just look at the gain that the markets were experiencing?
We all wanted in!
Welcome to the party!
Had Enough?

There are alternatives that you need to start exploring and answers that you need to get.
You need to develop and implement a RETIREMENT INCOME PLAN.
It does not matter if you are just starting your first job out of school or already retired you need to plan for it.
We now spend as many years in retirement as we do working and this will deplete or destroy your finances without a catastrophic situation.
There are alternatives as I stated that will help with stabilizing and creating a retirement portfolio for you that is safer than most and more efficient than others.
And the companies that provide these opportunities are not all in the financial mess that some are.
They did not expose themselves to all the wild investment derivatives but chose a path of steady, stable, predictable returns that they can then pass on to their clients.
Not every insurance company in the world was as stupid as the ones in the news today for insuring DEBT with no collateralization.
Here is my web address on the second page are links to every company I work with and the financial strength ratings and investment portfolios that they currently own (all insurance companies must publish this information by law).
Albert Einstein stated that the greatest invention by man was compound interest, is it working for you or against you?


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